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Four Generations of hard work, expertise, and professional pride have made Green Seafoods Ltd. one of the most respected and trusted names in the industry. Through education, experience and determination, the Green family continues to produce high quality seafood that consistently meets international standards of the highest caliber.

Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa)

Sea Cucumber

(Cucumaria frondosa)

Wild caught and available all year. Our sea cucumber is processed to a dried state in our facility. We have invested heavily in technology and training to bring a quality product to market. This product is available in retail format as well as bulk wholesale. We sell the product as dried whole with the gut and head removed.

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Size: 1lb Retail Bag, 20lb Carton

Grade: Sea Run


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Frozen Mussels (Mytilus edulis)

Frozen Mussels

(Mytilus edulis)

Farmed and harvested year round, our BAP Certified mussels are available in a range of blanched or cooked, plain or value-added formats.

Size: 1lb Vac-Pack Bags (Plain or Printed) 10 x 1lb per carton, 2lb Vac-Pack Bags (Plain or Printed) 5 x 2lb per carton, 500g Vac-Pack Bags (Plain or Printed) 10 x 500g per carton, 9080g (20lb) Carton


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Whelk (Buccinum undatum)


(Buccinum undatum)

Wild caught and available from May until September. Shell-on Newfoundland Jade Whelk is a product Green Seafoods Ltd. pioneered in the international marketplace. Our brand is well known throughout Korea, Hong Kong, China and the U.S. as the best shell-on whelk available. Unfortunately, the natural supply is in decline and we produce a very limited amount and supply is committed to customers early in the year.

Size: 15kg Carton

Grade: < 30g, 30-50g, 50-70g, > 70g

Availability: May through September


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بلح البحر المجمد (Mytilus edulis)

بلح البحر المجمد

(Mytilus edulis)

يتم استزراعه وحصاده على مدار العام ، يتوفر بلح البحر المعتمد من BAP (أفضل ممارسات الاستزراع المائي) في مجموعة من الأشكال المبيضة أو المطبوخة ، العادية أو ذات القيمة المضافة

الاحجام: 1 رطل ) ,45كجم ( أكياس فارغة من الهواء (عادي أو مطبوعة) 10 × 1 رطل لكل كرتونة 2 رطل) ,90كجم (أكياس فارغة من الهواء (عادي أو مطبوعة) 5 × 2 رطل لكل كرتونة *تتوفر أيضًا حزم على الطلب


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